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Our mission with Market Society is to enrich the community.

As a small business, we strive to provide a space for local makers to get their locally made goods into the hands of local consumers. 


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What we are passionate about is generating income for creators.

Stay-at-home moms who make delicious or unique products can now generate some cash flow without having to man a table at an event. 

Young entrepreneurs who create products in their spare time can now collect income for their endeavors without dealing with marketing and sales tax.

A man who loves to carve wooden trinkets can just drop off a box of his creations and walk away only to later collect his profit.

Anyone who creates a product (whether edible, home products, decor pieces, clothing items, or furniture) can use Market Society as their own personal store front.

We take care of marketing, sales, taxes, and inventory. Our vendors just keep doing what they love, being creators and makers.

Check out our vendor page for an application request.



Market Society

113 West Main Street

Cavalier, North Dakota 58220

PO Box 113 

Cavalier, North Dakota 58220

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